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Take Charge of Your Health. All your medical data in one place—at your fingertips

airmyMD is Your
Personal Health Assistant

No more searching through piles of paperwork or worrying about losing documents and missing appointments. airmyMD is the ultimate app for tracking and managing all your health information in one secure place.

Store medical records, prescriptions, lab reports, vaccination history, and more. Easily share information with your healthcare provider and even get appointment reminders. Try airmyMD for free today!

Preventative Care for Better Health

Preventive care is a crucial aspect of maintaining good health and reducing the risk of various diseases and health conditions. Effortlessly monitor your vital health metrics, securely store medical records, receive timely reminders, and gain valuable insights into your well-being – all in a single, user-friendly app. Our intuitive interface puts the power of health management in your hands, allowing you to take control of your health like never before.

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Customer Feedback

Don’t take our word for it. Read what airmyMD customers have to say about our app.

Antone R

“I love being able to keep track of all of my doctor, dental, and eye visits all in one place. I have so much trouble find past information, but airmyMD app helps keep me organized.”

Jessica M

“Having parents that have multiple doctor appointments and medications is so stressful to keep up with. The fact that we can share their information with me and my siblings and their doctors, all from the app, is amazing. ”

Erin C

“This app has revolutionized how people organize their lives and health. Most men, like me, only have a few visits a year but when we need information quickly even from a year or years ago, airmyMD app has everything there. And it’s secure!”

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App Features

Combining the best of health and wellness apps into a single, user-friendly platform.

Health Dashboard

Your doctor & appointment information in one place.

Find a Doctor

Search our network of medical professionals, near you.

Personalized Notes

Securely store doctor notes on your account


Access to your eye doctor, OBGYN, physician, & all others.


Share your appointments & notes with family & friends.


Keep an up-to-date and accurate health profile for Dr visits.

Medical History

No more searching for old medical records. It’s in one spot.


Quickly add or book appointments with your doctor.

How airmyMD Works

Empowering you to make data-driven health
decisions for better well-being

24/7 Access to Your Health Data

Download airmyMD for free to experience the difference of our comprehensive patient controlled health management app. With airmyMD, you can easily upload and store your health information, including medical records and vital health metrics. Seamlessly connect the app to your calendar to receive reminders for appointments and medication doses. Plus, airmyMD lets you share your health data securely with your doctors and medical professionals, as well as trusted family and friends.

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