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The Digital Solution for Managing Health

airmyMD was founded by Dr. Emery Minnard, a general surgeon with more than 20 years in the medical industry. Through working with hundreds of families and individuals, Dr. Minnard realized that there needed to be a better way to connect patients and their healthcare providers in a digital world. He created airmyMD as a streamlined solution for modern medical practices. The all-in-one platform includes features for scheduling appointments, tracking health information, billing, and more.

Improving the Patient-Provider Relationship

Good communication is the key to providing quality healthcare services. The mission of airmyMD is to help patients and medical professionals get on the same page about health issues and goals. Through the digital platform, healthcare providers can track patient information, save time on billing and scheduling, and improve the flow of their practices. For patients, airmyMD provides an easy way to make appointments and manage health.

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